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The Walls Must Come Down

I watched some men and women pour themselves out, literally, to the point of exhaustion and even to near death the last few days. There battle cry was every step is for a soul. Yes they were walking and praying for the lost, but it was a far greater task. They were fighting for this county, for this country, for your sons and daughters, for the prodigals near and far.

My question is why just a handful?

How can these people be filled with such a passion and others sit in contentment?

Where was the brother or sister who could have said I'll go the next mile?

My heart and spirit are grieved, but they have been for quite some time. There are many times that our community has prayer events throughout the year and the faithful few always show up. Don't get me wrong, God can move mountains through just one, but if we are all called to pray, release the Kingdom, seek out the lost, and watch for His coming, where are all of my brothers and sisters?

Have we quit being obedient or have we just ceased to care?

It's time for some warriors to rise up in the Ecclesia and begin to take back the ground that the enemy has stolen and they will need to start in the Church buildings first.

Let's begin to provoke our brothers and sisters to good works.

Let's begin to walk in the unity of the faith. You don't have to believe the same doctrine that I do, you just need to believe in Jesus Christ and the fact that through Him we can do anything.

If Joshua marched around Jericho and saw the walls fall, can God not do it today?

Is your doubt greater than your faith?

Without faith it is impossible to please God.

You reap what you sow. Maybe that's our problem. We are reaping what we have sown. When was the last time that you attended something at another denomination? When was the last time you went to someone else's prayer meeting? I find myself grieved at my own answer. I think it's time that we begin to sow into the prayer meetings. When we sow into another we will reap in our own.

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