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The River of God

The River of God

Yesterday, during prayer at Church, the Lord began to speak to me as he painted a picture in my mind.

I saw an image of the Mississippi river that’s in the visitor center at Reelfoot Lake. It is a historical map of the river throughout the centuries. I thought about the fact that it used to flow through what is now the city of Caruthersville.

Sediment used to build up and floods would come and change the flow. Man came along and created methods to control the river.




The Lord used this illustration to speak to me about the Church and us as individuals.

We find a flow of the Spirit that we like and so we set parameters for it. We build levees to contain it. We put in dikes and dredge between them to keep the channel flowing where we want it.

The Spirit flowing in freedom was never meant to be contained or managed. The Holy Spirit is like the wind. We can’t predict what He’s going to do next. Maybe that’s our problem. We like control. We like order the way we see order, you know. “Everything neat and tidy, nothing messy.” So, what do we do? We build structures like dams, levees, and dikes. Three slow, three fast, and a five point message. Yes, that looks about right. Before you know it we’ve got the perfect plan for the Holy Spirit. The only problem is, He’s supposed to be counseling us and not the other way around. We find ourselves in a place that has completely confined Him out of the picture.

Most of us could see this and probably have a time or two in a Church, but what if it went a little deeper and we zoomed into our homes. What might we see there? Have we set timers and created check lists? Have we found that person who’s life we want ours to imitate and therefore we’ve gone out and purchased their book on how to achieve their level of intimacy with the Lord?

Cultivating a relationship with HIm is never going to come out of procedure. It’s not going to be found in a book. It won’t be a cheap imitation of another. A genuine relationship with the Father is born out of intimacy and intimacy is as unique to you as your thumb print. It’s yours and yours alone. No one can be brought in and it can’t be taught. The key to the door is the same for everyone but there’s always something beautifully different behind each door. What’s the key? Surrender. Surrender to the river. Letting the river cut through every area of your being. Surrender to His will and dying to your own. Oh, you can reach levels of intimacy with a little control. but you’ll never find yourself out in the deep with no hope of a shore in sight without total surrender.

Lord, I pray for every person who finds their way to this message, that they will know You and be known by You, that they will know what it means to fully surrender to You, even if its a little at a time. Lord, be an all consuming fire in all of our lives!

In the precious name of Jesus, Amen!

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