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Tears from the road

I know that you have to wonder why I would call my blog Riding with Wendy. The thing is God does a lot of talking to me out on the road. Even before I did any traveling my car was a place that God met with me in extraordinary ways. It was my prayer closet for many years.

Papa has spoken profound things into my heart on my way to work. Those things that were just for me, just because He loves me, just because He longs to help me understand the reason behind situations in my life.

It is not like I think I'm some great writer or that I have this vast knowledge to share, but I do know my Father told me to write. So, if He uses this to speak to one person, He has fulfilled His purpose.

Now to the real reason I got on here today.

I have cried so much the last two days. Healing-cleansing tears. Then today the flood gates opened as Papa sent an answer to prayer or just an answer to a question that has weighed heavily on my heart for a while now.

You see I had this question inside my heart that I wanted answered so desperately that I would ask Father around every corner I turned, "Is this it?" "Is this the one?". At times I desperately wanted them to be the answer, but Father would whisper no, that one isn't for you and He would show me why. Then today He said this is the one. This one carries your DNA. This one will be able to lead you where I'm taking you even when it's unfamiliar to them. I cried tears of jubilee as something was loosed inside of me.

I know that my vagueness may be hard to follow, but the thing that I am getting at is that waiting on the perfect thing that God has for you is always going to be better than settling for the thing that you thought you wanted. The thing you want may look good on someone else, but never would have allowed you to fulfill the purpose in your life to it's fullest.

Waiting on the Father's yes will cause an eruption of those hidden treasures to come bursting forth like a flood from the depths of your belly. Waiting on the Father's yes protects you from the bondage attached to all those things that looked right. You can't give someone a blood transfusion without the blood being the same type. The one giving the blood isn't really going to be effected one way or the other. But, the one receiving the blood is in a life or death battle.

Think on that for a little while.

Till next time................

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