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Simple Yet Profound

A few weeks ago some friends had stayed over night at my house and we were all up getting ready for the day. They were all doing their morning devotion together. It was such a beautiful thing to witness. They would read the scripture and then elaborate on it. I just sat back and listened to them. I loved it.

Then they began to talk of Mark and I don't remember what exactly was said, but it was like he was their least favorite because he was straightforward and to the point. You know, he lacked elaborate details and all the twist and turns and the theology. I had to speak up, mostly because I feel a lot like Mark when I write. I said, "Mark said more profound and powerful things with fewer words." That has actually stuck with me ever since. I have pondered it and fought this writing.

I think of all of the wonderful prophetic people God has placed in my life. He gives them such deep words and visions. Mine are just simple and to the point. As I have pondered this in my heart, I have so clearly heard the Holy Spirit say, "You are My friend, I haven't spoken to you in parables." Wow! My friend speaks to me as a friend. I don't have to search it out or solve the puzzle.

I'd rather write the short and sweet with the breath of God on it than the most lofty and acclaimed, long and drawn-out. I take what I've been given, just the way it was given and I pour it out. Some times a saucer is sufficient. That is what dessert comes on most of the time and that my favorite part of the meal.

Till next time....

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