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Shifting Gears

As I was setting with the Lord this morning, contemplating where I am with Him at this moment, I began to think about the season of rest I have been in. I spent so much time going last year that by the end of the year I just honestly did not want to go any more. I love being in an atmosphere charged with hunger, but that wasn't why I was going. I was going because the Lord was teaching me all kinds of things. He was sending me to school, just not in the normal sense.

I have had the hardest time discerning where He wanted me to be this weekend and once I knew I had clarity everything shifted. It was a hard shift. He gave me a picture of driving up a very steep mountain. I thought about driving over the mountains to California and how so many times our car didn't want to shift gears. I thought about how you have to shift down into a lower gear to be able to get up that mountain. I even called my brother the truck driver and asked him about going up a steep mountain in the big rig.

I hope this resonates with some of you. I know that it isn't just for me.

I see the steepest mountain that I have ever had to climb just ahead, it's time to shift gears, we can't let up until we reach the top. Angels are pushing, Jesus is pulling, and the Holy Ghost is oiling the gears.

Till next time....

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