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Refocus for Reform

I recently finished reading God's Generals Volume I and am currently reading Volume II. It was quite eye opening.

It was sad to see that the same spirit of the age that was being battled then is still being battled today. Not with the world but within the Church. There is nothing new under the sun. The enemy is still using the same tactics: kill, still, and destroy.

I have just began this book, so I'm sure it will continue to bring forth revelatory comparisons. You should all get a copy to read for yourselves. What I read yesterday was actually heartbreaking. As I read about Huss and the price that he paid I couldn't help but see the similarities in the religious leaders of that day and the religious leaders of today. They tried every way they could to silence the truth. They threatened. They excommunicated and required all Church members to shun them as well. They slandered and invented lies. Why? Because their influence and income were being threatened. Money and influence were highly sought after, priest offices were purchased, sin was rampant in the clergy, they didn't read the Bible muchless want anyone to know what it really said. So you can imagine how infuriated the leaders were when there sins were being called out publicaly. In that day you didn't dare speak up against a religious leader because they were also the law.

As I read about the tactics they used to silence their accusers or anyone who would challenge or question them, I saw that some, not all, leaders of today are using the same tactics. We can not have anything in common with the enemy and therefore we can not partake in stealing, killing, or destroying people. We have to leave them in God's hands and pray for their restoration. That does not mean that we continue under their leadership or on the otherside put up with rebeliousness. We must handle every situation with the wisdom of the Spirit.

The first Volume was also eye opening, in that, had all these mighty men and women of God worked together they could have turned the world upside down. But, as he still does today, the enemy came in and caused division. Comparison caused some to try and function outside of their call and anointing. Coveting caused them to want what another had. There was jealousy over the size of others crowds and there was condemnation over their differing beliefs or revelations. They took their focus off of their call and put it all toward proving they were right and others were wrong.

Truth always prevails. God will fight for us. We have been assured in the Word of God that when we live our lives for Christ and the truth we will face persecution. We have to be determined not to be moved by it. The enemy would use this to destroy us. He wants us to walk away from our call. He wants to get us distracted. He wants to steal our faith, kill our mommentum, and destroy our reputation. Jesus came to give us life and give it more abundantly, this won't be the worlds definition.

I believe there are great lessons to be learned from all of those who have gone before us. When we don't learn from the mistakes of the past we are certain to relive them. (I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere).

This book that I am reading from is used and the person who had it before me used it as a textbook. It already has highlighted text in it. I am big on writting in my books too and so as I was reading and doing my own highlighing, I noticed that what I was highlighting was not what was already highlighted nor would it have been. You see we are all so very different and what speaks to me didn't necessarily speak to them. This may be due to our calling or where we are with the Lord at this stage in our lives. This is why we so desperately need each other to grasp the full revelation of anything God is trying to show us. There are depths of revelation that will only be brought forth as the body functions together. There will always be those fuding and fighting but I believe God is calling us out from all of that and He is refocusing us on the main thing (HIM).

Yes, there are those who have wrong motives but they can't become our focus because there is no life in that. The truth will prevail and their fruit will eventually be exposed. We must endevor to press on to the high calling of Christ for which we have been called and not get mired down in the muck.

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