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Just a smile

On a recent trip I had the privilege of working someone's product table. You may be asking yourself how that would fall under the category of a privilege. I guess we all have things that bring joy to our hearts. This just happens to be one of mine. During some of my quiet time with the Lord, as I reflected over the events of the weekend, He showed me just how much I enjoyed interacting with the people who came to the table. I was selling things for someone that I love and serving them with every sale. I was serving every person who stepped up to my table with a smile.

Many years ago I was a car-hop. I truly enjoyed this job. I loved being able to greet people with a smile and serve them their food. So many would comment on my smile and often give me a tip. Many would ask me how I could keep a smile on my face in the extreme heat or extreme cold. It was my job to smile, but it was everybody's job to smile. It just came easy for me. I truly enjoyed smiling at people.

Later on, after I began to attend Church, I always helped with the dinners. Even though I didn't always do it with the greatest attitude, I always longed to serve people in this capacity. On many occasions I served with a smile while holding back a flood of tears and a knot in my throat that was making it very difficult to breathe.

If you have the gift of serving serve with all of your heart. Serve with a smile. Don't allow anyone to rob you of your seemingly simple joy.

Your joy may lie in something else. You may have forgotten about the joy you found in it too. Today go back to that thing, your thing, and think about how you felt before anyone tainted it for you. God wants to give you your joy back in your serving. Ask Him to show you where you can put your service to use. It may not be within the walls of your Church or anywhere you thought you would serve. There are lots of places needing help that would gladly use you in whatever capacity you are gifted to serve.

Don't forget to thank God for restoring your joy in serving.

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