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Is Their Investment Paying Off?

While I was in prayer this morning, I distinctly heard the Holy Spirit say, "Is their investment paying Off?" My mind immediately went to a certain person. I couldn't help but wonder if they thought their investment in my life was paying off.

Then I began to go in all sorts of directions with that thought.

Many people have invested in my life in a variety of ways, as have they yours.

People sow financially, prayerfully, with time, and encouraging words.

What about the investment that you are making in the lives of others? Do you feel like it has paid off? What is the real payoff? Maybe, just maybe the investment was two-fold. God uses us to invest in others, but at the same time we are investing in ourselves by making deposits of obedience.

Some of the time we feel as if it were a failed or bad investment, because it doesn't payoff the way we had anticipated.

Some investments are long-term while others are short-term. A long-term investment builds over time.

I have witnessed people becoming greatly disappointed in their investment because of their imagined pay off. Our flesh (thoughts and opinions) can rob us of some of the greatest joy lying just before us. People leave us and we think our investment was wasted. What if we cheered them on and looked at their success apart from us as a shinning example of the investment we made in them.

What if we took our hands off of the investment and just sat back and watched what God would do with it? What if we looked at our investment like planting a flower? Plant the seed or the bulb, water it, maybe fertilize it. Then you just have to set back and wait for it to grow. You can not touch the seed, because, if it is handle in the wrong way, you may kill it. Too much or not enough water or fertilizer will kill it. Every plant is different. Some are tough and some are weak. I think most of our seeds are sown from the variety pack. You don't really know what kind of flower you are going to have until it blooms and we can't turn lilies into daisies.

No matter how you have felt about your investment, just continue to give thanks always for every way you get to invest in others.

Till next time.....

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