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I've Come A Long Way From Squirrely O's Friend

It seems as if I am cooking for people all the time lately. I always get told what a good cook I am and you love to hear your food tastes good, but whether out loud or just inside, I always giggle a little. Sometimes, I tell the story or if Jamie is around I let him, about many many years ago when he brought me home a squirrel to cook. We usually tell it together because he does make it more comical.

He brings it home and cleanse it, which he is not very good at. I tried my best to wash the rest of the hair and grass off of it before I put it in the pot. Let's just say I missed a little. I boiled that thing for what seemed like hours. I even added water to it a few times. I was waiting for it to fall off of the bone, you know like chicken. I don't think that ever happened. I then tried to strain the rest of the hair off of the top of the water. I then began to pick what little bit of meat there was from this animal. When I finally finished I began to gather up what I needed to make the stew and it was then that I realized that I didn't have any tomatoes sauce, soup, or anything of the like except for spaghetti o's. So, after having spent hours of my life on the squirrel, this stew was getting made one way or another. Spaghetti o's it is. When he came in to see what I had for him to eat he said squirrely o's and died laughing. He may have made fun of it but he ate it any way. Picking out all of the shot and hair that ended up in his mouth.

None of us is where we once were. We should be ever learning and growing. I have never made squirrely o's since that day and have no intentions of making them again, Lord willing. I have however made other things that didn't taste great. I didn't let that stop me, I learned my lesson and tried again.

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