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I Responded Correctly This Time

As I was reflecting on some recent situations in my lif

e and my response to them, I realized just how differently I responded this time than I did just a few years ago. I responded correctly this time but that's no guarantee that I won't respond incorrectly next time, because in other, very recent, situation I responded incorrectly. Alas, I have not arrived.

I don't know about you, but I've had to die around 1,000 deaths as I'm being delivered from the religious spirit and all of my ritualistic ways. I would love to say that it all felt like God lovingly and gently setting me free, but the truth is some of it nearly killed me. Don't get me wrong, I don't blame Him. I know that He would have chosen a less painful process every time, but there are just certain things that I've held onto a little tighter than others.

I am learning and that's progress.

I wonder how many of us have a death grip on the very things holding us in bondage.

I don't believe this is a process that ever ends. It will continue until we meet Jesus face to face and the reasoning behind my belief is that I don't think He wants us to ever feel as if we have arrived, that we've learned all there is to learn. Our process is to keep us humble.

I have learned some things I've had to unlearn and then turn around and unlearn some stuff I learned in that process. It's a constant evaluation of self, beliefs, and convictions in comparison to the unadulterated Word, minus the tainted and perverted versions that I've heard here and there and yet, still being very aware that without the constant discerning voice of the Holy Spirit I can easily get off track again.

I've got to be grounded by the Holy Spirit and not led by my emotions. I have to learn to respond instead of reacting. Why? Because a response can be calculated and well thought out over time. A reaction is normally immediate without forethought. I've chopped off an ear or two with my reactions, but my response will come behind and reattach the ear. This delayed response results in unnecessary scars and festering sores in those around me. Had I responded correctly from the beginning I and the people around me would have been spared the painful healing process.

"I've learned" two simple words from Philippians 4:11 that speak volumes to me. If the Apostle Paul had to learn what makes you and I think we aren't going to have to learn a thing or two? How did he learn? Life. It's that simple we learn as we live. Every day is a new lesson. We are going to win some, and we are going to lose some, but we can be encouraged by the fact that even the loses there are gains when we learn from our mistakes.

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