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How Bad Do You Want The Fire

Tonight I was thinking about how complacency has no hunger for fire.

I was taken back to the years that I smoked. I remembered being so desperate for fire. I would go to great links to get my cigarette lit. I have used the burner on my stove and even a wall heater a time or two. You really start thinking outside of the box when you are desperate for something.

When was the last time you really acted out of desperation? What was it for? Now, I want you to really think. Have you ever been that desperate for the presence of God? Have you ever been that desperate about wanting Him to use you? Change you?

Why do you think you answered the way that you did? Maybe you didn't think you were complacent, but when you really take a look at yourself you see that you are.

God isn't wanting to beat you up over your current heart condition, He is wanting to pick you up and put you back on the right track.

It is time that you stop thinking inside the box. It is time that you strip off the clothes of complacency. You may need to look in a place that is far outside of your comfort zone to get set on fire again.

I still remember feeling the heat from the stove and the wall heater on my face. I had to get close to get my fire started. You are going to have to get close to get your fire started too.

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