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Gordonsville, Virgina

While there are lots of things to see in this beautiful part of the country, we went with a plan.

Day one we drove to Mount Vernon to see George Washington's estate. We walked the grounds and through the museum and had lunch at the restaurant on site.

Full day and honestly my favorite of the trip.

Day two we visited Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's estate.

We then visited the Trump Winery for my souvenir.

Day three we visited James Madisons' Montpelier. Due to covid and construction we couldn't tour the house, but the grounds were very pretty.

We then made our way to James Monroe's Highland.

Day four we decided to drive to Jamestown where we visited the Jamestown Settlement and Museum.

We like history if you hadn't noticed, and I tend to look online for the top things to see in any area we are visiting so that we have a list of things to choose from to fill the time I don't have scheduled out.

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