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Cracks and Crevasses

I was working on a crack in my wall today, which by the way, is not a very enjoyable task. I tried to get my husband to fix it again but, he told me that I could have at it. He was putting me in charge of fixing it this time and I could do what ever it took to fix it, even call someone. He has come to the conclusion that sheetrock work is not something that he is skilled at and that is one thing on a very short list.

The thing is I have tried a couple of times over the years to get someone to come and look at it and tell me how much they would charge to fix it and I have had no success in getting them to show up. So, this morning I got out all of my materials and went to work. I sanded and painted and then I made a sign to cover the ugliest part. Haha! Don't judge me. I'm laughing too just thinking about you laughing at me.

The thing is the Holy Spirit began speaking to me in this, as He usually does, and He showed me that most of us just deal with things in our lives just like I did this crack in my wall. On the one hand we work really hard trying to fix things because we don't want other people to see our cracks. On the other hand we get tired of fixing our cracks and so we just cover them up.

What would happen if we dug all of the junk we have packed in our cracks out and just left them open for the world to see? What if our cracks became a badge of honor, a battle scar, a victory memorial?

I can just imagine me telling the story. You see that big ugly dug out crack in my wall? That is there to remind me that there is freedom in exposure. That it is exhausting trying to cover things us. That the real me is full of cracks and crevasses and that is what people need to see so that they can be free too.

Keep your pants on because that is not where I was going.

Till next time....

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