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Becoming Who God Says You Are

There is so much being birthed in the spirit about identity right now. I feel so strongly that God is speaking to us about know who we are so that we are prepared for the battle ahead.

I haven't read the book and I haven't watched many of the video's so I'm not stealing anyones word. If I say the same thing you have already said just take it as confirmation and rejoice, because the Word of God says that He will confirm a thing by two or three witnesses.

I have a friend who has started a facebook page named Rip the Labels Off. She posts videos of people who have ripped the label off of their life in in some way. God is raising up people to encourage others to find their true identity in Him alone.

Our identity is shaped by the world around us and the words that have defined us since childhood. Some of these have been correct words and encouraging words, but for far to many of us we have been labeled with lies that were birthed by demons.

God does not label us by our skin color, by our abilities, by how smart or successful we are. When God looks at us, He sees His creation, that He created for Jesus to be used by Jesus, to occupy the space around us for Jesus. He did say occupy till I come.

You are not your own. You were never intended to be your own. Your life was never intended to be about you. You are a child of the Most High God and that is your identity. The only label that you should allow on yourself is obedient. Jesus was obedient unto death. The problem is most of us aren't welling to die. Dead people don't care what others say about them. Dead people are seated with Christ and refuse to give up their position in Him.

I challenge you to pick up your pen today and begin to write out your fleshly obit.

Today fill in your name died.

I want you to think about every label that the enemy has placed on you and I want you to write it down and then replace it with what God says about you.

Today I died to failure and came alive to prospering in all that I put my hand to do.

Today I died to name your sin and came alive to being the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

Today I died to chaos and came alive to the shalom of heaven.

These are just a few examples, we all have labels that need to be stripped off and replaced with the truth that God has identified us with.

You will never move forward into God's purposes for your life as long as you allow the lies of the enemy to identify you.

I release freedom over you today.

I break off every hold that the lies of the enemy have on you.

I tear down every wall that has been built around you to keep you from your purpose.

I speak life and liberty over you today.

I call you into your purpose.

I call you into God's plan, that plan that was planned before the foundations of the earth.

I call you into the Father's arms to receive healing and deliverance from every word that was misspoken over your life.

I declare that you will walk in the fact that you are more than enough because the Greater One lives on the inside of you.

I declare that you will no longer be moved by your circumstances, but you will be moved by the Spirit of the Living God.

I declare that from this day forward that your steps are ordered by God.

In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

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