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A little More Dead Today

I know at first glance this may seem a little morbid, but I promise you it isn't. Or, on second thought, it may be for some of you.

Everything God has been speaking to me lately all comes back to dying.

His Word tells us that "To live is Christ and to die is gain." "I die daily." "I am crucified with Christ." And many more. What exactly does it mean to die?

I have come to realize that there are all sorts of deaths. Death to our right to be right, our thoughts and opinions, our feelings and emotions, our fears, even our personalities at times.

We really do have to die to who we are so that we can live out who He created us to be. There is just no getting around it. I have to die. Shouldn't it be worth a little dying to self so that someone else can live?

I think that for far to long I had a very shallow concept of what really dying to self was. I use to think that it meant that I just wasn't the same person I was before I came to know Christ. That is true, but only the beginning of truth. That senerio leaves dying daily completely out of the equation.

God has recently asked me to step out into some things that have forced a death in me. Any time we do anything for the Lord it causes a little of our flesh to die. I have come to realize that my choosing to obey caused me to cross over a line that I could never return from and in that crossing over, I was left with no other choice than to die, in one area of my flesh or another.

When you have been marked by God you have two choices: let the devil kill you or willing lay down your own life.

The devil is out to destroy your purpose. He uses many tactics to choke the life right out of you, religion, people pleasing, perfection, unforgiveness, pride, and the list goes on and on.

I challenge you to die today and as you die get up and run with what God placed on the inside of you before the foundation of the world.

As you dies find your place seated in Him, where there is perfect shalom.

Till next time......

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